sonnenCommunity – solar power when the sun doesn’t shine

sonnenCommunity_v3_EN-schmalCheck out this great video on the sonnenCommunity in action in Germany at

What is the sonnenCommunity?

The sonnenCommunity is the first-of-its-kind decentralised energy sharing community where sonnenBatterie owners share their self-produced energy with other sonnenCommunity members.

The generated energy surplus of individual sonnenBatterie systems is fed into a virtual energy pool and distributed to other members of the Community anywhere in the country – in this way, consumers become producers. A central software links up and monitors all sonnenCommunity members – while balancing energy supply and demand. The sonnenCommunity enables households to break away from their traditional energy supplier and become energy independent.

Where is the sonnenCommunity available?

Since the launch of the programme in February 2016, over 6,000 sonnenBatterie owners in Germany have joined the sonnenCommunity, with a further 500 in Austria. sonnenCommunity Italy and Australia launched in 2017 with other key sonnen markets set to follow, including the UK.

Why isn’t sonnenCommunity available in the UK now?

As the UK market battery storage market develops, we are developing our offer for sonnenCommunity UK, carrying out various trials and development work. Importantly, all sonnenBatterie units installed in the UK are future-proofed for sonnenCommunity as soon as it comes available.

You can find out more about the sonnenCommunity at



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