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sonnen are the award-winning, global market leader for energy storage with a mission to provide clean and affordable energy for all.

We continue to grow our community of sonnenBatterie users in the exciting and fast-moving UK battery storage market. A key part of this growth is our commitment to support installers, system designers, sales teams and customers to fully understand sonnen’s exceptional products and services.​ We are here to support you!

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sonnen features on CNN

CNN take a look at how sonnen is transforming the energy industry with the sonnenBatterie and the smart, energy-sharing VPP solution provided through the sonnenCommunity. Take a look here

sonnenCommunity – solar power when the sun doesn’t shine

Check out this great video on the sonnenCommunity in action in Germany at What is the sonnenCommunity? The sonnenCommunity is the first-of-its-kind decentralised energy sharing community where sonnenBatterie owners share their self-produced energy with other sonnenCommunity members. The generated energy…