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sonnen are the award-winning, global market leader for energy storage with a mission to provide clean and affordable energy for all.

We continue to grow our community of sonnenBatterie users in the exciting and fast-moving UK battery storage market. A key part of this growth is our commitment to support installers, system designers, sales teams and customers to fully understand sonnen’s exceptional products and services.​ We are here to support you!

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Latest News

Households replace power plants – sonnen is commissioning the largest, virtual battery for the electricity grid of the future

For the first time, sonnen is supplying reserve power to the German energy market using networked battery storage systems. This creates the largest virtual battery currently in operation which can compensate for fluctuations in the power grid. Households are thus able to…

Energy Storage News – sonnen’s newest technology deployed in UK energy market for the first time

Installations of sonnen’s latest hybrid battery torage units are underway, alongside new residential solar arrays, as part of a Local Energy Market (LEM) being built by one of the UK’s largest energy companies to test the capabilities of a virtual…

News: sonnen selected as the lead partner for the Cornwall Local Energy Market residential project

    sonnen are working with Centrica, the UK’s largest retail energy supplier, to create the country’s largest virtual power plant to include 100 households with a solar photovoltaic system and a sonnenBatterie. As part of the EU funded Cornwall…